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Barcode Scanner Guide

Everyone today knows what a barcode scanner is and that it helps keep track of inventory. But very few people know what type of barcode scanner they need for their business. There are a wide variety of POS barcode scanners available in many different configurations depending on your market sector. We will try to make it as simple as possible for your to decide what you need.  So we will have a Q&A session to determine what’s best for you. 

Does your business have lots of customers continually during the day, or do you get rushes at periodic times of the day? 

barcode scanner at counter

If you answered, yes, to one or both of the questions above, then we suggest you getting a presentation omni directional scanner.  An omni directional scanner allows you to scan items quickly and easily. Honeywell, Datalogic, and Motorola all make some great omni directional scanners. If you answered, no, to the above questions then we suggest you getting a single line 1D scanner. If you only require a barcode scanner to scan just a few barcodes a day that are not on curved surfaces, then you could get a low cost CCD scanner by ID Tech or Unitech and $ave yourself some money. 

Do you plan on scanning your customer's driver's licenses for age verification? Or do you plan to scan QR codes or other barcodes from your customer's cell phones? If you answered, yes, then you need a 2D barcode scanner. A 2D barcode scanner will allow you to scan just about every type of barcode today.   Honeywell, Datalogic and Motorola all make some excellent 2D barcode scanners.  

Do you plan on scanning extremely small barcodes like the ones you would find on electronic components and jewelry? If you answered, yes, then you need what is called a High Density Scanner. A High Density Scanner will read very small barcodes (down to 3mil) all day long, without a hitch. 

Do you plan to read barcodes that are far away from you? If you answered, yes, then you need a Long Range Scanner. A Long Range Scanner will allow you to scan items that you can't pick up and bring to the scanner due to product weight restrictions, for example. 

Learn the different barcode symbologies (types) by reading our Barcode Symbology Quick Guide.

And by the way, we are very thankful that you decided to shop with us. You Rule!