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USB Barcode Scanner Setup

Posted by POSCatch Team on

Q: How does a USB barcode scanner work with a computer?

Barcode Scanner

A: When a USB barcode scanner is connected to a USB port on any computer (no matter the OS), the computer will recognize and consider the USB barcode scanner to be an automatic keyboard and will display data sent form the USB barcode scanner in “keyboard wedge emulation" mode. When the USB scanner is connected to a computer the scanner will power up, which is indicated by the scanner's feedback lights turning on and is accompanied by an audible “beep” sound emitted by the scanner. Most USB barcode scanners are powered by the computer’s USB port, so no additional power supply is necessary.

Wherever the blinking cursor is at on the screen is where you can scan data to, just as if you were to type in the barcode’s numbers using a standard keyboard. Be sure locate the cursor on your screen before you scan a barcode to ensure a good read so the barcode data is input correctly. Furthermore, if you are scanning barcode data into a POS software or inventory control program, for example, refer to the software vendor’s instructions so scanned data enters into the correct fields.

If for whatever reason your USB barcode scanner is not scanning out-of-the-box, refer to the scanner’s user manual for appropriate troubleshooting steps. If you purchased the USB barcode scanner from POSCatch.com you can call us for assistance; please be sure to have your POSCatch.com order number handy when you call.

POS Factoid: the bestselling USB barcode scanner of all time is the Symbol LS2208.

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