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Industry Leading SAM4s Cash Registers for Sale at Super Low Prices

sam4s-cash-registerWelcome to the NEW POSCatch cash register store! We carry top quality SAM4s cash registers at super low prices. Our SAM4s cash registers have been carefully chosen by us so we can offer you a wide selection of cash drawers for all types of applications. Our commercial grade cash registers ship FREE Ground service within the continental USA. 

Is a Cash Register Right for You?
Cash registers are not for everyone, so be careful to define your business needs and pick a point of sale solution accordingly. A cash register is usually an ideal choice for those that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have 1 store/sales location 
  • Low to mid sales volume 
  • Few departments and stock items 
  • Items do not have a barcode (sell by price/dept only)
  • Items are barcoded and needing a low cost inventory/sales tracking solution 
  • Startup business with a limited budget
  • Wanting a low cost, easy to deploy backup to a computer based POS system

What are Some Advantages of Owning a Cash Register?
Cash registers have the following advantages over a computerized point of sale system:


  • A cash register costs less than a computer POS system 
  • Easy to install, setup and maintain
  • Employee training time is nominal 
  • Cash registers do not get infected with viruses 
  • Cash registers cannot be hacked and data compromised 
  • System down time is less than computerized POS systems 
  • Overall operational expenses are low

After careful analysis of what is best for your business, you you are confident that a cash register solution is best for you, then congratulations! You are well on your way to getting an economical cash and inventory tracking solution. We trust you will find what you need from our robust selection of cash registers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Cash Register?

Besides the obvious factors of cost, size and color, there are other important cash register features to consider before purchasing. Let’s review some of the key features of how to buy a cash register (Note: the list below is not all inclusive. Other cash register features may be important to you that are not listed below. Please be sure to carefully compare and contrast the features of each cash register you are interested in before purchasing.):

  1. PLUs: the Price Look Up Code capability of a cash register is important. PLU capacity allows you to program a price for each inventory item if needed. PLU capability for a cash register ranges from 500 to over 20,000. So be sure to purchase a cash register with ample PLU ability to match the amount of items you sell if you want to use the PLU feature for quick item lookup (ideal for fast moving product and scannng barcodes).
  2. Departments: Departments are stock identifiers. For example, Dept. 1 would be for men’s’ shoes and Dept. 2 for women’s’. Be sure the cash register you want has the appropriate department quantity for your store's inventory.
  3. RS232 Serial Ports: We recommend to get a cash register with at least one Serial port. Serial interface ports allow you to add peripheral items to your cash register such as a barcode scanner, scale, remote printer and other devices if compatible with the cash register
  4. Internal Customer Display: On some cash register models the customer display is fixed to the rear of the unit, and other cash registers the customer display can pop up and rotate for maximum viewing area. Or, if your cash register model has an open RS232 serial port, you can purchase an optional free standing VFD or LCD customer pole display if it is supported hardware for the cash register. Depending on where you will install your cash register, you may want to consider if a customer can view the customer display clearly. 
  5. Cashiers: Choose a cash register that can assign multiple cashiers. If you have 10 employees that will use the cash register, then be sure to pick a cash register that can be programmed for 10 cashiers. Some cash registers are equipped to support up to 99 cashiers. 
  6. Money Tray: Consider what money storage capability you want? Some cash registers come standard with a 4 coin/ 4 bill tray and others with a 5 coin/ 5 bill tray. Depending on the model, a cash register may have a 4 bill/8 coin money tray option. 
  7. Thermal Receipt Printer: A thermal receipt printer is the fastest and most quiet type of receipt printer on the market today. All of the cash drawer models we sell are equipped with thermal receipt printers. If you require a cash register with an impact (dot matrix printer) for a special application, please contact us directly for assistance. 
  8. Tax Tables: Will you collect more than one tax rate for products and services? Cash registers have different tax tables depending on the model. Cash register models usually come standard with 3 or 4 tax tables; however, there are some models that offer more. 
  9. Keyboard Type: There are 2 cash drawer keyboard types: raised key and flat key. If you are purchasing a cash register for a bar or quick service restaurant, then a flat keyboard configuration is best because it is spill resistant. Furthermore, a cash register with a flat keyboard prevents debris from collecting within the keyboard housing. A cash register with a raised keyboard configuration is usually ideal for most retail applications. 
  10. Integrated Card Processing: Most SAM4s cash registers we carry have an integrated card processing option via the Sterling Payment Bridge system. Having integrated card processing allows for faster checkout of customers and streamlined sales reporting. If you do not want an integrated card processing solution with your SAM4s cash register, we can also provide you with a stand-alone terminal.
  11. Note: In each SAM4s cash register product brochure, there is a handy optional hardware reference guide so you can easily decide which SAM4s cash register is best for your needs. 

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We Got SAM4s Cash Register Accessories

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