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QM2100, Datalogic QuickScan Wireless Scanner


datalogic-wireless-scanner.jpgThe QM2100 is now discontinued and is replaced by the QBT2400 scanner

The Datalogic QuickScan Mobile QM2100 series of cordless barcode scanners are an excellent entry level scanning solution for small to mid-size businesses. The QuickScan QM2130 is a feature packed wireless barcode scanner that is guaranteed not to interfere with WiFi networks. The QuickScan QM2130 operates on radio frequencies from 433 MHz to 910 MHz and has a 40ft roaming distance. The QuickScan QM21300 also offers a backup batch mode feature when out of range from the host terminal.

The Datalogic QuickScan QM2130 cordless barcode scanner is a perfect fit for anyone needing a barcode scanner free from limiting cables, has a highly accurate scan engine and is extremely reliable.  The QM2130 comes with the added value of having a 3 year warranty.  

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