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Elo Touchscreen Monitor Intellitouch SAW 15"


The Elo IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave technology (SAW) touchscreen monitor is almost indestructible.  The Elo Intellitouch is the most scratch resistant touchscreen monitor you can get, and wearing out such a durable pure glass constructed touchscreen monitor is almost impossible.  In addition, a SAW touchscreen monitor has one of the best resolutions because it does not use an overlay like resistive touch technology does.  SAW touch technology works by transmitting ultrasonic acoustic waves over an array of reflectors, and when a stylus touches the screen and penetrates the acoustic wave pattern, the data is sent to the touchscreen controller to digitize and then to the host computer to calculate the X and Y axis at the point where the stylus is at on the screen.  

Elo IntelliTouch Touchcreen Monitor Features

  • High grade pure glass monitor provides impressive high resolution images
  • Scratch resistant and will continue to operate if damaged 
  • One of the most accurate touch technologies today 
  • Will work with finger, glove or stylus activation