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Elo Touchscreen Resistive 7" & 12" Monitors


Elo has pioneered the 5 (five) wire resistive touchscreen monitor technology, and it has become the industry standard. Elo has named its 5 (five) wire resistive touchscreen technology AccuTouch: A thick, chemically treated plastic sheet is stretched tightly over the glass monitor; this is commonly known as the “touch overlay”. When the touchscreen is touched, there is an electrical current sent from the overlay to the glass and then to the touchscreen controller. The touchscreen controller processes the electrical current by digitizing it and then sends that data to the host computer to be processed for X and Y axis. That’s a very brief explanation of the Elo AccuTouch (resistive) touchscreen technology.

Seeing as Elo pretty much invented resistive touchscreen monitors, it is understandable why Elo resistive touchscreen technology is used by hospitality, retail, medical and many other market sectors everyday all over the world.