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Heckler Design Windfall C iPad System Enclosure

Your retail store or restaurant deserves an impressive iPad POS system. The WindFall™ line of iPad enclosures are an elegant design exuding strength while it preserves the slim profile of the iPad. The WindFall™ iPad enclousres are available in many different colors and finishes.

WindFall™ iPad POS system enclosures are manufactured in the USA.

What's the difference between the WindFall™ and the WindFall™ C?

The WindFall™ C's frame edges are flush with the sides of the iPad. This allows for a more extensive variety of credit card readers to be compatible with this product.

Is the WindFall™ C compatible with iPad 1?

No. WindFall™ C supports iPad 2 and newer versions of iPad only.

How do I know whether to go with the WindFall™ or the WindFall™ C?

Base your decision on the credit card reader you want to use. The WindFall™ C accepts more types of credit card readers. If the credit card reader you want to use in not compatible with the 1st generation WindFall™, then chances are it will work with the WindFall™ C. 

Can I use my iPad vertically (portrait mode) with the WindFall™ C? 

No, the Heckler Design WindFall™ C iPad stand does not rotate; it can ONLY be used horizontally (landscape mode). You cannot use vertically (portrait mode). 

Anything else I should know? 

Yes, the WindFall™ C does not come with the Pivot Tack. This must be purchased seperately if needed.