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Heron D130 Imager, Datalogic Barcode Scanner


Datalogic Heron (D130): Entry Level Price with Premium Features & Warranty

The Datalogic Heron D130 is an entry level 1D imaging barcode scanner with an impressive 5 year warranty. Even though the Heron is classified by Datalogic datalogic heron barcode scanner as an ‘entry level’ scanner, don’t think the scanner is short on features because it is definitely not. The Heron is a high performance scanner equipped with a robust scan engine that can read a barcode from near contact up to 8 inches away. The Heron also employs the Datalogic patented ‘Green Spot’ aiming technology for an accurate first time read rate. The Heron can be used as a handheld or presentation scanner for maximum versatility at the POS station. When the Heron is placed in its stand, the scanner will automatically switch to hands-free presentation mode.