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Honeywell Barcode Scanner VoyagerGS MS9590

Honeywell Voyager GS MS9590 Barcode Scanner

This item is now discontinued by Honeywell. Pease refer to the 1250g or 1450g for a replacement. 

The Honeywell Voyager GS 9590 single-line laser barcode scanner is an entry level laser scanner with an aggressive price point that’s hard to beat. The Voyager GS 9590 boasts a lightweight, ergonomic design for maximum comfort, lowering user fatigue.  The Voyager GS 9590 has an impressive 100 scans per second delivering fast, accurate scanning when needed.   The GS 9590 has additional great features such as a durable housing that increases unit reliability, and the Voyager GS 9590 has an EAS integration option.  

Dollar for dollar the Honeywell Voyager GS 9590 is a world class laser barcode scanner at a bargain price that’s sure to please many small to mid-size businesses looking for the best for less.  

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