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Honeywell Barcode Scanner Fusion MS3780

honeywell-fusion barcode scanner

The Honeywell (Metrologic) Fusion MS3780 laser barcode scanner is the perfect hybrid omni-directional (presentation) and single-line barcode scanner available today.  The Fusion MS3780 can operate as an omni-directional scanner while in its stand, or it can operate as a standard single-line handheld barcode scanner, increasing the user’s scanning options.  The Honeywell Fusion MS3780 has an impressive 20 scan line density in omni-directional mode that allows the Fusion MS3780 to scan a barcode at any angle, making it a robust scanner for a busy POS station.  The Fusion MS3780 is also equipped with an infrared sensor that wakes the scanner out of sleep mode whenever a barcode is placed in front of it.  The Fusion MS3780 is also future proofed with an optional EAS integration feature for simultaneous EAS tag deactivation and barcode scanning.  

If you are in need of a highly ergonomic barcode scanner that can provide fast omni-directional scanning on demand and can also be used as a single-line barcode scanner for more precise applications, then the Honeywell Fusion MS3780 is the ultimate hybrid barcode scanner for the job.  

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