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Star FVP-10U Thermal Receipt Printer

star-thermal-receipt-printer.jpgThe Star Micronics FVP-10 thermal receipt printer is one of the most modern, advanced thermal receipt printers available today.  The FVP-10 receipt printer has an intuitive front loading design that allows the printer to be mounted underneath a counter, and the front loading (front paper exit) design makes the printer imperious to spills and debris that cause havoc on top loading printers.  The FVP-10 thermal receipt printer is rugged; it can support up to a 7lb accessory item on its top surface. 

The Star Micronics FVP-10 thermal receipt printer cutting-edge features include: programmable voice alerts (Yes! A talking receipt printer), IPX1 waterproof certified, receipt paper saving function, a software utility that allows easy customization of receipts and a print speed of 250mm/sec makes the FVP-10 receipt printer an ideal choice for retailers and restaurateurs.