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Symbol Barcode Scanner LI2208 Series


symbol li2208 barcode scanner The Symbol LI2208 is an exceptional 1D barcode that beats the competition in its class.  The Symbol LI2208 is a versatile barcode scanner that can read small barcodes down to 4 mil and has the ability to be a Long Range scanner at 30 inches away for a 13 mil UPC barcode.  The Symbol LI2208’s robust scan engine has no problem reading barcodes on the screen of a mobile phone.  The LI2208 can also be used as a presentation barcode scanner with the optional stand.   The Symbol LI2208 is also reliable and built to last with multiple drop resilience testing.  Furthermore, this impressive scanner can read a barcode in extreme light conditions up to 108,000 lux, making it an ideal barcode scanner for many different environments. 

The Symbol LI2208 is an excellent choice for any business looking for a solid 1D barcode scanner that can easily scan small barcodes, have almost a 3ft range on a UPC barcode and can easily read barcodes from the screen of a mobile device.  And combining that with a warranty of 60 months, makes the Symbol LI2208 a top value pick in its class.  

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