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Symbol Barcode Scanner LS4208 Series

symbol ls4208 barcode scanner

The Symbol LS4208 1D laser barcode scanner is a premium, rugged scanner that utilizes an advanced multi line scan pattern for superior scanning performance. The Symbol LS4208 makes it easy to scan a barcode at just about any angle making it ideal for busy POS stations. The LS4208 can withstand multiple 6ft drops to concrete, and it can scan some barcode types from up to 19 inches away, which is a great feature when scanning heavy items that cannot be moved easily. The LS4208’s aggressive scan engine can scan barcodes outside in full sunlight. Furthermore, the available hand free stand allows the LS4208 to be used as a presentation scanner for even more scanning options.

If you are looking for a durable 1D barcode scanner for your POS station that will give many years of dependable service with EAS compatibility and an industry leading 5 years warranty, then the Symbol LS4208 is the barcode scanner for you.

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