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Zebra Symbol Barcode Scanner LI4278 Series


motorola symbol li4278 barcode scanner The Zebra Symbol LI4278 is an impressive all around can-do 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner.  The Zebra Symbol LI4278 gives the freedom of mobility with its class 2 Bluetooth radio that has a range of up to 330ft (line of sight) from the base, and the LI4278 keeps the mobility alive all day with a superior battery that can perform a staggering 57,000 scans on a full charge for up to 72 hours.  The Zebra Symbol LI4278 is also a High Density barcode scanner (reads small barcodes down to 4 mil) and is a Long Range scanner with the capability to read a 13 mil UPC barcode from up to 30 inches away, which is a great feature to have when scanning heavy items that cannot be easily moved; in addition, the Zebra Symbol LI4278’s aggressive scan engine can read a barcode at extreme angles, which adds greater scanning flexibility in areas that are space restrictive.  The LI4278 can also operate in bright light conditions up to 108,000 lux, and it can withstand multiple 5ft drops making the LI4278 up to the challenge in harsh working environments.  And if that weren’t enough, the LI4278 can also read barcodes on the screens of mobile phones, increasing any businesses ability to redeem coupons and customer incentive programs on demand just about anywhere in the store. 

If you are looking for a high end, reliable, versatile wireless barcode scanner with optimum working range and little downtime, then the Zebra Symbol LI4278 with its 36 months warranty is the best of the best without going over budget. 

Buying Tip: The LI4278 is a top pick wireless barcode scanner.  

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