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2D Barcode Scanner

2d barcode scanner 2D (two dimensional) barcode scanners are quickly becoming a popular barcode type (symbology) due to their extreme versatility and the amount of data they can hold.  2D compatible area Imager barcode scanners are usually the barcode scanner of choice to read 2D barcodes.  2D barcodes come in many different styles and types.  2D barcodes don’t look like a standard 1D (one dimensional) barcode with parallel lines.  A 2D barcode can have dots, squares and various other shapes in different sizes.  2D barcodes can contain many more characters than a conventional 1D barcode, so a 2D barcode is a great solution for retailers’ that want to have a method for customers to easily share and obtain product promotional information.  
qr code reader A 2D barcode that is quickly gaining popularity with many retailers’ is a QR Code (Quick Response Code). QR Codes are an excellent choice for marketing due to the high count of characters they can contain. Businesses use QR Codes as a method for increased interaction with their customers by offering special promotions, discounts and coupons via a QR Code.  QR barcodes are here to stay and are becoming more prevalent. Any business that wants to market effectively to today's tech savvy, mobile customers will need to implement QR Codes into their marketing plan. And purchasing a 2D barcode scanner that can read a QR Code is quickly becoming more of a necessity for today's business owners.