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Do Your Due Diligence with Patron ID Verification 

People dancing at a clubProper age verification is essential for any business selling products that cannot be sold to minors such as alcohol and tobacco. Having a reliable ID reader system in place is also imperative for any bar or nightclub so admittance can be denied to underage minors.  Be sure to protect your business from costly fines or worse. Get an age verifier ID reader today and ensure you are compliant with 'Due Diligence' laws that regulate your business.

There are 2 Age Verification/ID Reader Types

1.  Store/Bar/Nightclub ID scanner that reads a Driver’s License with a magnetic stripe ONLY, like the Viage CAV-2000.  

2.  Store/Bar/Nightclub ID scanner that reads a Driver’s License with a magnetic stripe AND those with a 1D or 2D barcode. This type of age verification ID scanner (like the Viage CAV-3200) can read Driver’s Licenses and State issued ID's from all States except those from GA issued before January, 2012.

We Card Under 21 If you want more control over your scanned ID data so it can be downloaded into a database and kept for future reference then the Viage CAV-3100 or the Viage CAV-3200 ID reader series with a free database management software is a great choice, and the optional Advanced Data Software gives even more features and reporting capabilities for the Viage 3000 ID reader series.  The ability to retain ID reader data allows you to send targeted, promotional advertising and Birthday coupons to your valued patrons.  

Please click here to view a listing of which States use a magnetic stripe and those that use a 1D or 2D barcode on their Driver’s Licenses. This will help you select the right ID scanner for your needs. 


At the time of this printing the States of Texas and New Hampshire have restrictions on stored ID scanner data from a State issued ID card or Driver's License, so be sure to inquire with your local State representatives in Texas or New Hampshire regarding the handling of scanned data in these 2 States. 

Georgia State Driver's Licenses and ID cards issued after January, 2012 CAN be read by an ID scanner.  However, Georgia State Driver's Licenses and ID cards issued before January, 2012 CANNOT be read by an ID scanner because the data is encrypted.  

Below is a sample State issued Driver’s License that shows different data capture formats an ID reader can capture.  Not every ID reader can read all data formats:  


Driver's License Example