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MMF iPad, Android Tablet Enclosure/Stand

The MMF Flex tablet enclosure series with stand is a cost effective solution for select iPad and Android tablet based POS systems. The MMF Flex tablet enclosure is compatible with the following:

MMF Flex for 7-8 Inches Tablet Compatibility List MMF Flex POS Tablet Stand
iPad Mini
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0
Nexus/Asus 7”
Kindle Fire, HDX 8.9”

MMF Flex for 9-10 Inches Tablet Compatibility List
Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad 2, 3, 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Kindle Fire, HDX 10
Nexus/Asus 10”

The MMF Flex tablet enclosure series with stand are compatible with the following card readers:

Magtek iDynamo, Square, PayAnywhere, ID Tech Shuttle, ID Tech Unimag Pro, PayPal Here, Intuit GoPayment, ROAMpay.

Please note that a bracket is provided to stabilize an optional card reader. Card readers are attached via the tablet’s 3.5mm audio port.

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