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Batch Barcode Scanners /Portable Data Terminals


A batch barcode scanner (also known as a portable data terminal) allows you to scan items into the scanner’s memory and then download the scanned information to your computer at a later date.  The downloaded file format is usually a CSV (ASCII) format, which can be easily integrated into any inventory control software program. A batch barcode scanner is a great low cost alternative to the more expensive real time WiFi scanners.  A batch scanner is also a great fit for a small to mid-size business that’s looking for an economical way to scan products during inventory counts or has a need to scan products remotely. Batch barcode scanners are available in many different configurations and styles.  You can even purchase a small pocket size batch scanner for light scanning duties.  

Please note that some of the barcode scanners listed below are hybrid devices that also incorporate an onboard Bluetooth radio.  These hybrid devices have become more common over the last 3 years. 

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