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Impact Receipt Printer

We carry all of the top POS impact receipt printer name brands from Epson, Star Micronics, Citizen, SNBC and Bixolon. We pride ourselves in offering you name brand POS impact receipt printers at bargain prices.  

What is an Impact Receipt Printer? 

epson-tm-u220-receipt-printer.gifAn impact receipt printer is a dot matrix printer.  Dot matrix print technology is what all receipt printers used before the advent of thermal printing technology. Impact receipt printers are mostly used in environments where a thermal receipt printer cannot be used such as a restaurant kitchen. All impact receipt printers have an ink ribbon (cartridge) and the print head is in direct contact with the ink ribbon and presses (or impacts) the ink onto the receipt paper to print characters. If you need a receipt printer solution for high heat or harsh environments where oils and other caustic materials are prevalent, then an impact receipt printer is what you need.  

If you need help choosing an impact POS receipt printer, check out our POS Receipt Printer Buying Guide

Buying Tip: Impact receipt printers have the choice of coming with or without an auto cutter.  If you will be sending print jobs consecutively such as order tickets to a kictchen printer, then you will want to get an impact receipt printer with an auto cutter. The auto cutter does not cut the paper completely; it is still attched on one corner.  

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