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All Front Exit Thermal Receipt Printers

front paper exit receipt printer Do you own a busy bar or restaurant and have destroyed many top paper exit thermal receipt printers due to liquids and debris getting inside the printer? Do you want to improve the look or space at your POS station by wanting to mount your receipt printer underneath the counter? If you answered, yes, to any of these questions then you need a front facing paper exit thermal receipt printer. A front paper exit thermal receipt printer is a great alternative to a standard top loading (top paper exit) printer, and it is an excellent choice for a bar or restaurant due to it being more impervious to liquids. Some front facing paper exit receipt printers can also be hidden out of site by installing them underneath the POS station. Just think of the possibilities and advantages front facing paper exit thermal receipt printers can give you and your business.

Please note that not all front facing paper exit thermal receipt printers are front paper loading; some are still top loading even though they have a front facing paper exit. This won’t affect the printer’s superior resistance to spills and other contaminants when compared to a standard top paper exit receipt printer, but it will affect if it can be mounted underneath the counter. Please be sure to get a front loading receipt printer for under counter mounting.

Buying Tip: The Epson TM-T70, Seiko Qaliber, and Star FVP-10 thermal receipt printers are all front paper loading and exit design, so they can be easily mounted underneath a counter.  Moreover, the Star FVP-10U printer comes with an under counter mounting kit. 

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