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Wireless Barcode Scanners

The term “wireless scanner” (some say "cordless scanner") are generic terms that don't really explain much. There are basically 4 categories of "wireless", "cordless" scanners:


1. Batch scanners. A batch scanner holds all scanned data onboard in its memory. The scanned data transfer is only possible when you connect the batch scanner to a computer. There is no real time data transfer. Batch scanners are usually for inventory counts. To view our complete list of Batch Scanners, please click here
2. Real time RF and Bluetooth scanners. A Bluetooth and RF scanner provides real time data transfer to the host computer. These scanners are the preferred method for retailers that need to scan heavy items at the POS station.
3. There are hybrid Bluetooth/Batch scanners that have the option to transmit data in real time back to the host computer or store the scanned data in the onboard memory.
4. Real time WiFi barcode scanners. WiFi scanners are generally used for larger Enterprise class retailers and for warehouse use. Most small to mid–size retailers do not use Wifi scanners; a batch scanner will work adequately for their needs in most cases.

Please note that all barcode scanners listed in this Wireless Scanners category will have a Bluetooth, RF or WiFi radio for real time communication back to the host device such as a PC, mobile phone or tablet.