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Image Barcode Scanner

2d area imager barcode scanner

An imager barcode scanner is more like a digital camera when compared to a standard laser barcode scanner.  Instead of shooting a beam of light to be reflected back from the surface of the barcode, an area imager barcode scanner captures a digital image of the barcode and its onboard microprocessors translate the image into a series of characters so the barcode can be decoded by the scanner.  Furthermore, an area imager barcode scanner does not need to have the barcode aligned to a beam of light like a laser barcode scanner does.  An area imager barcode scanner can pretty much read a barcode at any angle, much like an omni-directional barcode scanner can.  Area imager barcode scan engines have advanced tenfold over the past few years to where they are now exceptional at reading poorly printed and damaged barcodes.  Area imager barcode scanners have quickly become the number one barcode scanner technology choice for many retailers. 

If you plan on scanning 2D barcodes like the popular QR format, then a 2D capeable Imager barcode scanner is the best choice. Imager barcode scanners are also capable of reading 2D barcode coupons on mobile phones. An imager barcode scanner offers an excellent return on your investment, while future proofing your business’ ability to keep pace with the mobile shopper boom. 

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