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CCD Barcode Scanners (Lowest Cost)

A CCD (Charged Coupled Device) barcode scanner (also called a LED scanner) is an excellent choice for indoor use.  CCD scan engine technology is ccd contact barcode scanner the least expensive type of barcode scanner you can buy today.  A CCD scan engine reads a barcode by measuring the light intensity emitted from the barcode with hundreds of light sensors.  The main difference between a CCD barcode scanner and a laser scanner is that a CCD barcode scanner measures ambient light from the barcode, and a laser scanner decodes a barcode by reading reflected light from the barcode.  Regardless of the scan engine technology a CCD barcode scanner uses to read a barcode, it is a great choice for businesses looking to get a low cost 1D barcode scanner.  And because a CCD scanner has no moving parts, they generally give years of dependable service.  

Buying Tip: CCD barcode scanners are generally not proficient at reading barcodes on a curve (such as on a bottle). If you know you will be scanning a lot of barcodes on a curve, then a CCD scanner may not be a good fit for you.
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