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Point of Sale Pole Display

There are basically 2 kinds of customer facing point of sale (POS) pole displays:

1. Two line vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) type is older technology; however, most POS pole displays are the VFD type due to their low cost and extreme dependability. 

2. LCD pole displays. These are newer technology that can also offer digital signage capabilities. The downside to these is they tend to cost more than the traditional VFD displays, and they are not widely compatible with POS software programs. So be sure to check with your chosen POS software vendor before purchasing a LCD/LED customer monitor display.

A customer pole display is a necessity for many retailers, and it is required by law in many states. The customer facing pole display shows the customer the amount being charged per item. Our most popular line, is our Logic Controls pole display. We also carry from Epson pole displays, HP pole displays and others.