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Long Range Barcode Scanners (Scan Up To 24" Away)


Long Range Barcode Scanner is designed to scan up to a few feet away from the barcode instead of being restricted to be within a few inches of the datalogic-extended-range-barcode-scanner.jpgbarcode to scan accurately; scan range and read accuracy is dependent on the scan engine specifications of the scanner and the size of the barcode. Some barcode scanners are considered Extra Long Range Scanners because they can scan up to the 30 feet away and still capture data with high accuracy rates. Long Range Barcode Scanners are an excellent choice for warehouse applications and in retail environments where bringing product close to a barcode scanner at the POS station is not possible due to product weight restrictions.

The Long Range scanners we sell are within the 2 feet range and are better suited for a retail environment.  

Buying Tip: individual scan range varies for different scanners.  Please be sure to see the data sheet of the scanner(s) you are interested in to know the exact depth of field (distance from barcode) each scanner has

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