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Star Micronics TSP100 Printer FAQ

Star Micronics TSP100 Printer FAQ

Posted by POSCatch Team on 8th Jan 2017

Star TSP100 Printer FAQ: Where is the Star TSP100 ECO USB Printer On/Off Switch?

Star Printer

Answer: A standard Star TSP100 (aka TSP143) receipt printer’s on/off switch is on the left side of the printer. However, the Star TSP100 ECO model does not have a power button. The Star TSP100 ECO is powered by the USB interface cable connected to the computer. Furthermore, any standard computer USB port is sufficient to power up the Star TSP100 ECO receipt printer. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our Star printer experts if you have any further questions about the Star TSP100 or if you need assistance choosing the right Star printer for your POS system.