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Laser Barcode Scanner

A Laser barcode scanner (excellent for scanning in bright light conditions such as outdoors) uses a laser beam and reciprocating mirror to bounce the laser beam off the barcode's reflective

laser barcode scanner surface in order to read it.  Laser barcode scanners are known for their high accuracy and high “first time read rate” of a barcode.  A laser barcode scanner is also an excellent choice for reading high density (small) barcodes.  And some omnidirectional laser barcode scanners use omnidirectional scanning technology, which means multiple laser beams crisscross a barcode so a successful read can be made no matter what angle the barcode is at; it is not necessary to align the barcode like with a single laser barcode scanner when using a laser barcode scanner equipped with omnidirectional technology. Wireless laser barcode scanners allow for mobility and easier scanning.

Laser barcode scanners remain a popular, economical choice for many retailers because a laser barcode scanner provides accurate scanning and years of dependable service. 

If you need help choosing the best barcode scanner for you, please see our barcode scanner buying guide

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