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MicroTouch (Capacitive) Touch Screen Monitor

MicroTouch is a world leader in capacitive touchscreen monitor technology.   Capacitive touchscreen technology was pioneered by MicroTouch in the 1980’s, which is why hold over 150 touchscreen monitor technology related patents.  MicroTouch touchscreen monitors are some of the best and most reliable touch monitors you can buy today.  These POS touchscreen monitors have been a #1 choice for many businesses over for decades.

  • Microtouch PCAP 15" Touchscreen Monitor

    Microtouch PCAP 15" Touchscreen Monitor, DT-150P-A1

    MICROTOUCH, 15'' PCAP DESKTOP MONITOR, 1024 X 768, 400NITS,10 TOUCH POINTS, 1 X VGA, 1 X DP, 1 X HDMI, *USB ONLY CONTROLLER*, STAND INCLUDED, 3 YEAR WARRANTY MicroTouch has done it again with this new 15" projected capacitive touchscreen monitor. It is...

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