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USB Cash Drawers


USB cash drawers are not commonly used. The most common type of cash drawer is a receipt printer driven; the cash drawer is connected to and opened by the receipt printer.  A USB cash drawer is a good choice if a standard 3" receipt printer is not present, for example, any business printing receipts on full size 8”x11” carbon copy paper. For any business that does not use the standard 3” receipt printer, a USB cash drawer is the way to go. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: In most cases you can install a USB cash drawer instead of a serial (RS232) cash drawer. Many modern computers do not come with a serial port, so a USB cash drawer is a great alternative if a COM port cash drawer is needed. A USB cash drawer basically operates the same as a serial cash drawer by installing a ‘virtual COM port’. Be sure to check with your POS software vendor first for system compatibility before buying