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Inventory Tracking Solutions

Most business' and organizations need to track inventoried items in one of the following three category examples: inventory-control-solutions.jpg

  • Inventory Tracking of stockroom, warehouse or storage facility
  • Asset Tracking of office equipment, files, or all other company property
  • Check In/Check Out of items such as tools, IT hardware or documents 

Our team of inventory control experts have researched many different item tracking options on the market today and picked the following 3 best solutions to offer our customers -- selection criteria based on affordability, value, performance and support:

  1. Unitech SRD650 mobile scanning terminal -- This is a low-cost all-in-one solution for those wanting an easy to use, ready out-of-the box, complete inventory tracking device with pre-installed software apps for: Inventory Control, Asset Tracking (can also perform "check in/check out" function when item assigned to "owner") and Batch scanning operations. The Unitech SRD650 also allows you yo create your own custom inventory scanning apps for free. This solution works best when data is uploaded to an Excel spreadsheet or MS Access database. 
  2. RedBeam Software Suite -- RedBeam is better suited for larger organizations from 1 to 5 users (or more), requiring advanced inventory control features such as barcode creation and printing with automatic category assignment, for example. RedBeam is a top choice for any type of inventory tracking. The RedBeam software suite comes in either the Standard Edition that can be used with a USB POS barcode scanner or a Mobile Edition that can be used with the Unitech PA520 portable data terminal.
  3. The Wasp inventory tracking or asset management with check in/check out function software suite provides powerful inventory control solutions that are an economical, smart choice for any size business. We offer Wasp inventory control systems in either a software only option or a with a complete hardware bundle to help get you tracking products right away. This Wasp solution is a favorite of inventory control novices looking for an intuitive, easy to learn software/hardware bundle with free lifetime tech support and free setup assistance.