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Topaz Signature Capture Pad

What is a Signature Capture Pad? 

A Signature capture pad is an electronic method to acquire and retain a person’s signature. A Digital signature istopaz-signature-capture-pad.jpg a valid and legal signature. Signature capture pads are used widely today by many types of businesses that require a person’s legal signature such as banks, accounting firms, pharmacies, and government agencies, for example.

If you plan to integrate a signature capture device into your POS system, please be sure to consult with your POS software vendor first before you purchase to assure system compatibility. If you are looking to integrate signature capture for your credit card transactions, then you will need a signature capture device that can encrypt the data for a secure transmission that’s specific to your merchant account provider’s specifications.

What is the Difference Between the Topaz SigLite and SignatureGem Models? 

The Topaz SigLite signature capture pad is intended for low volume usage, approximately 100,000 signatures. The SigLite signature capture pad is not intended for field use due to the thin surface membrane can scratch or cut if mis-handled. However, the Topaz SigLite signature capture pad series is an excellent choice for those wanting a low cost signature capture solution in a controlled setting such as in an office, for example.

The Topaz SignatureGem signature capture pad is a rugged unit intended for high volume operations and can easily withstand the everyday rigors of being installed in an application for public usage. The SignatureGem series offers scratch resistant tempered glass for superior unit longevity. The Topaz SignatureGem can also capture a signature through paper; this is an ideal feature for those wanting a carbon copy digital e-signature without losing detail and accuracy of the original.

We carry a large selection of top quality Topaz signature capture pads including the SigLite and SignatureGem models. Please choose the model you need from the list below: