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Opticon Barcode Scanners

Opticon was founded in 1976 and has nearly 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing world-leading 1D laser barcode scanners and cutting-edge 2D Imager barcode scanners.  Opticon has recently been pioneering the development of breakthrough 2D auto-focus, liquid lens technology.  Opticon prides itself with offering advanced barcode scanner designs at unheard of price points. For instance, the Opticon OPR3201 1D laser barcode scanner with a hands free stand offers exceptional value and pricing.  The Opticon line of wireless batch (portable data terminal) computerized barcode scanners with loaded features and competitive pricing makes them attractive to many business owners.  Bottom line is…Opticon barcode scanners pass the criteria list retailers require of a solid scanning solution. 

If you need help choosing which Opticon barcode scanner is best for you, please don’t hesitate to message, email or call us. We are always eager to help our customers find the right scanning solution for their needs.

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