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Omni Directional Laser Barcode Scanners


presentation-barcode-scanner.jpgOmni Directional barcode scanners are a top pick scanning solution for POS lanes that are always busy and numerous products are being scanned quickly.  A laser Omni Directional barcode scanner has multiple laser beams that crisscross a barcode.  This technology ensures that one of the numerous laser beams will get a good read of the barcode, so it doesn’t matter what angle the barcode is at for the Omni Directional barcode scanner to read it.  This is a superior advantage an Omni Directional barcode scanner has over a single line (beam) barcode scanner and the reason why Omni Directional scanners are the #1 choice for retailers’ with busy POS lanes.  Omni Directional barcode scanners can also read poorly printed and damaged barcodes easily.  This is another feature that makes the Omni Directional scanning solution popular with retailers’ worldwide. 

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