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Epson Receipt Printer Compatible

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Q: What Does 'Epson Receipt Printer Compatible' Mean?

A: While you have been researching what type of receipt printer you want to purchase for your POS system, you may have come across the following terminology:

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1.Epson Compatible

2.Epson Emulation



All 4 above basically mean that a "Brand-X" receipt printer functions the same as an Epson receipt printer. Epson Printer Language (EPL) has become the standard printer language for receipt printers over the years. Many well-known receipt printer brands such as Bixolon, SNBC, Citizen, Seiko, and many others use the Epson Printer Language only. So if your POS system’s software requires an Epson receipt printer (most do), you more than likely can substitute an Epson receipt printer with another receipt printer brand that uses the Epson printer language; however, it is best to still check first with your POS system’s software vendor to ensure you can do this; there are some POS software programs that are very particular over the brand and model of receipt that can be used.

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A Note About Star Micronics Receipt Printers

Star Micronics receipt printers have their own unique printer language; however, you can change a Star printer’s default language to use the Epson printer language by simply resetting the printer’s dip switches. Star Micronics receipt printers are the second most popular brand after Epson receipt printers. It is noteworthy to mention that an Epson receipt printer or an Epson compatible receipt printer DO NOT have the ability to use the Star Micronics printer language.

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