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elo Monitor

Posted by POS Catch Team on

elo monitor

elo Monitor Touch Technologies for Restaurants & Retail Stores

For many years elo monitor touch screen technology has been the top choice for restaurants and retail stores worldwide. 

The 5 wire Resistive elo monitor touch technology (aka AccuTouch) is still the most popular tocuh monitor technology mainly due to its low cost, and it can be operated by both a finger and a stylus such as the corner of a credit card. The industry leader and inventor of Resistive touch technology is elo Touch Systems. The elo 5 wire resistive/AccTouch monitors have the top touchscreen monitor technology type for restaurants.   

In recent years elo monitor has pioneered and perfected another touch monitor technology that's ideal for retail stores....

Surface Acoustic Wave/SAW (aka IntelliTouch): an elo monitor with SAW touch technology is ideal because of its relatively low cost, and it can be operated by a finger or a stylus. The advantages SAW touch technology has over the older Resistive technology is durability and performance. This can be achieved due to SAW elo monitors have a glass overlay mounted in front of an LCD or LED display instead of a substrate overlay that is pressed onto a glass monitor like a Resistive touch monitor.. And the SAW elo monitor operates in a revolutionary new way. Instead of being operated when touched and pressure is applied to an overlay like that of Resistive touch technology, SAW elo touch monitor technology works when sound is generated from each touch point, hence ‘acoustic’ in the technology's name. This type of touch screen is far superior than its older Resistive touch cousin.

Note: elo monitor SAW technology may not be well suited for restaurant environments or any other environment where there is a lot of moisture. Any substantial amount of liquids on the touchscreen may cause the surface acoustic wave sensors to malfunction. So the 5 wire resistive (AccuTouch) is still the best choice for restaurants.

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