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Barcode Scanner Auto Sense

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Barcode Scanner Stand/Auto Sense Mode Functionality

Most quality barcode scanners have an optional hands free stand. A scanner stand allows full automation of the scanning process. Barcode scanners vary in their preset programming out-of-the-box when it comes to hand free scanning functionality. For instance, some scanners can perform hands free scanning by default and others need to be programmed to do so. If your scanner is not able to automatically scan barcodes when placed in its stand, you will need to program it by scanning a barcode in the accompanying user’s manual that enable the hands free scanning mode. This barcode is usually titled “Auto Send Mode”; there is generally 2 auto sense mode programming barcodes, one to enable and the other to disable functionality.

Research Before You Buy

Symbol LS2208 with Stand

Most entry level scanners (costing around $50) do not have a hands free stand option. Furthermore, if an entry level scanner does come with a stand option, the scanner may not have an auto sensing feature (the scanner wakes up and scans a barcode then goes to sleep after a set period of time), and without an auto sending feature, that means the scanner will always be on, which is a waste of power consumption and will reduce the scanner's lifespan over time.  So if you want a scanner with a hands free scanning/auto sense mode feature be sure to read the scanner’s specifications and user’s manual to ensure it has this capability before you buy.

Hand Free Scanning Advantages

The advantages of having a barcode scanner with stand and autosense function is ease of use and increased efficiency at the POS station. A scanner that automates further the scanning process reduces user fatigue while speeding up the sales transaction significantly, which equates to happier employees and customers.

Top Barcode Scanner Brands with Stand

Here are some top budget priced scanners with stand and auto sensing functionality: 

Honeywell Voyager 1250G Barcode Scanner, 1250G-2USB-1

Datalogic Quickscan Barcode Imager Scanner, QD2130-BKK1S

Symbol LS2208  Barcode Scanner, LS2208-SR20007R-NA

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