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Receipt Printer Maintenance

Posted by POS Catch Team on

Don’t Attack Your Receipt Printer with a Knife!

The tittle of this article is comical indeed; who in their right mind would attack their receipt printer with a knife or any other kind of object for that matter?  

man frustrated at receipt printer

However, this does happen daily across the world. Yes, many hundreds of frustrated people assault their receipt printer with a knife or other object such as a screw driver or scissors.  And what makes these seemingly perfectly sane people attack their receipt printer with a knife or knife-like object? Paper jams! That’s right, paper jams. A receipt printer paper jam is an experience that most retailers’ wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. A receipt printer paper jam brings forth a primeval instinct in us all that brute force will fix the problem. Furthermore, a receipt printer paper jam wreaks all sorts of havoc on a smooth selling operation by bringing it down to a sputtering, dead, stressful operation for both employee and customer alike…causing heightened frustration levels and an increased risk of a receipt printer knife attack; this is a very dangerous situation for you and the receipt printer to be in. 

receipt printer

If you are a retailer and have the unpleasant experience of being part of a receipt printer paper jam when you have a line of customers standing, looking at you, resist the urge to pick up a knife, scissors, screw driver, pen or any other type of object to stick in the receipt printer in hopes of somehow fixing it. This is the worst thing you can do, and chances are high that you will damage the receipt printer so badly that it will need to be sent in for repair. During the beginning stages of a stressful receipt printer paper jam, it is best not to panic and remember to breathe deeply to remain calm and regain your senses. Once you are focused on the task at hand, calmly open the cover of the receipt printer and attempt to remove the paper by gently tugging on it from the back. If the paper remains stuck, for the love of receipt printers, don’t stick a knife in or any other instrument of destruction for that matter!! Turn the receipt printer off and on; this usually resets the auto cutter back so the paper can be freed.

Every modern receipt printer has a method of recovering from a paper jam. Read the documentation that came with your receipt printer, and practice the steps of how to recover from a paper jam properly without damaging your receipt printer in the process. If you are unable to find your receipt printer’s documentation, call your receipt printer manufacture’s technical support department and ask them the step-by-step procedure of a paper jam recovery; memorize these instructions and teach your team members the right way to fix a receipt printer paper jam. Knowing how to recover from a receipt printer paper jam properly can save you from making a bad situation worse and also saves a helpless receipt printer from a needless knife attack.

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