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Star WiFi Power Pack Review

Posted by POS Catch Team on

Star WiFi Power Pack Review: Convert Your Star LAN Printer to WiFi

The Star Micronics WiFi Power Pack is a great printing solution that $aves you money by eliminating the need to buy a new Wireless receipt printer; you simply only need to purchase the Star WiFi Power Pack Wireless adapter. The Star printer Wifi Power Pack adapter is useful primarily in 2 different scenarios:

Scenario #1

star wifi power pack

If you currently have Star Micronics LAN (Ethernet interface) receipt printers for your business and want to easily convert some or all of them to be wireless capable, now you can with the Star printer WiFi Power Pack. This nifty device is small, so it can easily attach to the rear of any Star receipt printer. The Star WiFi Power Pack is also powered by the USB port, which eliminates additional cable clutter and offers increased ease of use. This device comes with everything you need to convert your Star LAN printer into a wireless printer quickly and hassle free.  Hands down, this is the best solution for those wanting to integrate Wireless printing with their current Star printers so they can be used with mobile devices such as Android tablets and iPads, for example.

Scenario #2

For those looking for a wireless printer that is compatible with mobile devices for a new POS system setup, you can also use the great benefits of the Star WiFi Power Pack. Simply purchase any Star Micronics LAN printer with a WiFi Power Pack, and you will have a high quality thermal receipt printer that can easily convert from Wireless to Ethernet interfaces as your printing needs change. Having this ability gives you greater installation flexibility and can save you money by negating the need to buy 2 different interface printers.

The Star Micronics WiFi Power Pack is the easiest and most economical way to add Wireless printing capabilities to your business. That said, please be sure to check with your POS software provider first before purchasing Star printers for your POS system; you want to ensure that Star printers are compatible with your POS Software. Also keep in mind that these Star printers are LAN printers, so you will need an existing network already in place in order for this setup to work.  

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