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Epson M188b/TM-U220



The Espon TM-U220B (auto cutter), TM-U220D (tear bar), and TM-U220A (2 ply paper journal). These Epson printer models are also known as M188b, M188d & M188a. This line of high quality Epson impact (dot matrix) receipt printers are some of the most popular impact receipt printers sold on the market today. The Epson TM-U220 (M188) series of impact receipt printers are used worldwide in a wide array of market sectors.  

Here is an Epson TM-U220/M188 Impact Printer Series Model Number Guide: 

TM-U220A - USB, Serial or Ethernet Receipt Printer with Journal/Take Up, Auto-Cutter 
TM-U220B - USB, Serial or Ethernet, Wireless Receipt Printer with Auto-Cutter
TM-U220D - USB, Serial or Ethernet Receipt Printer with Tear-Bar

TM-U220PA - Parallel Receipt Printer with Journal/Take Up, Auto-Cutter 
TM-U220PB - Parallel Receipt Printer with Auto-Cutter
TM-U220PD - Parallel Receipt Printer with Tear-Bar