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How to Install a Square Cash Register

How to Install a Square Cash Register

Posted by POSCatch Team on 22nd Oct 2016

How to Install a Square Retail Cash Register

There are basically 2 ways to setup your retail Square Cash Register with an iPad: (1) with the Square Stand, (2) use an after-market universal tablet stand. The following explains this in further detail. Also see YouTube tutorial video at bottom of page.

1. Install with a Square Stand
Installing your retail Square cash register with the Square Stand and an iPad is the easiest and recommended way to go. Using the Square Stand provides the additional convenience of its integrated USB hub and charger. When using a Square Stand be sure to get a USB receipt printer, a printer driven cash drawer, USB barcode scanner, and the Square USB EMV card reader. Installing supported Square hardware with this configuration ensures you have enough open USB ports on your Square Stand’s USB hub to allow connectivity of all required peripheral devices as shown in the diagram below.

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2. Install with a Universal Tablet Stand
If you decide to install your Square cash register with an after-market universal tablet stand, then you will need to get one of the following receipt printer types:
Star Micronics Bluetooth Printer: the Star TSP650II Bluetooth printer is the ideal choice if you are installing one Square cash register at your location and do not plan to install anymore in the future.

Star Micronics Ethernet Printer: A Star TSP100 Ethernet printer is the ideal choice if you already have an established network with an accessible router, and if you plan on installing more than one Square cash register.

Barcode Scanner Installation: You may need to purchase an Apple Lightning to USB Cable or an Apple 30-pin to USB Cable depending on your iPad model to connect a USB barode scanner. Or you can go completely wireless and get the Socket Mobile 7Ci Bluetooth barcode scanner.

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