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Square Cash Register


We Make Building Your Square Cash Register System Easy & Affordable. 

We provide Square cash register supported hardware at bargain prices! All of the Square cash register third party hardware peripherals listed on this page are certified compatible with your Square cash register for use with both Android tablets and iOS/iPad unless otherwise noted: 

Android Only Installation Requirements -- Android device must support an OTG adaptor that is required for USB peripheral connection to an Android device for a Square Android cash register setup only. In addition, Bluetooth devices are not compatible with an Android based Square register setup at this time, other Android OS install requirements apply, see below where indicated. 

Buying Tip #1: for best results and optimum performance of your Square cash register, we recommend using an iPad 4 or iPad Air tablet due to their compatibility with the current Square Stand. Note: a USB receipt printer is only compatible with a Square Stand installation
Buying Tip #2: If you are NOT getting a Square Stand then you can use the iPad (1st generation), iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini for a Universal stand installation, AND you will need to get an Ethernet or Bluetooth receipt printer. 

IMPORTANT: before ordering hardware, please be sure to confirm the interface type you require for your particular installation needs. For example, will you need a USB interface printer, or will you require an Ethernet networked printer? 

Square Cash Register Hardware Bundles

Retail Bundle #1 Only $428.99: Square cash register recommended retail hardware package for use with Square stand (Star USB Printer, APG Cash Drawer, Symbol Laser Scanner)

Retail Bundle #2 Only $593.48: Ideal one system installation hardware kit with a universal stand: Star Bluetooth Printer, Honeywell Laser Scanner with Stand, APG Cash Drawer, Arkon Stand

Square Printer, Thermal, Ethernet Interface (3 1/8” / 80mm Paper Size)

Star Micronics TSP143LAN
Star Micronics TSP654IIE3 WhiteTSP654IIE3 Dark Grey
Star Micronics TSP654SK, for sticky paper rolls only. Use with Maxstick sticky paper (iOS/iPad only)

Square Printer, Thermal, Bluetooth Interface (iOS/iPad only)

Star Micronics SM-S220i (2”/58mm paper size), mobile printer
Star Micronics SM-230i (2”/58mm paper size), mobile printer
Star Micronics SM-T300i (3”/80mm paper size), mobile printer
Star Micronics: TSP654II (3”/80mm paper size), desktop printer

Square Printer, Thermal, USB Interface, for Square Stand (Android must support USB OTG or USB Host mode/OTG adaptor required)

Star Micronics TSP113 (tear bar) 
Star Micronics TSP113GT (tear bar, piano blk/wht) 
Star Micronics TSP143 (auto cutter)
Star Micronics TSP143GT (auto cutter, piano blk/wht)
Star Micronics TSP654 Dark GreyTSP654 White

Square Printer, Impact/Kitchen Printer, USB Interface (3" Paper Size) 

Star Micronics SP742MU, USB, Auto Cutter (iPad/iOS only)

Star Printer Ribbons, Black, RC700B

Star Printer Ribbons, Black/Red, RC700BR

Square Barcode Scanner, USB Interface (must have Android 5.0+ to use a barcode scanner/OTG adaptor required)

Honeywell Voyager 1250G Blk w/Stand, 1250G Wht/No Stand (best value!) 
Honeywell Voyager 1200G
Honeywell 1300G Blk, 1300G Wht
Honeywell Xenon 1900
Symbol LS2208 Blk/No Stand, LS2208 Wht/No Stand, LS2208 Blk w/Stand, LS2208 Wht w/Stand
Symbol DS6707

Square Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth Interface (iOS/iPad only)

Socket Mobile 7Ci (cordless)

Square Cash Drawer, Printer Driven (don't forget the RJ cable when ordering)

APG Vasario 14"x16", APG VB320-BL1416 (not available)
APG Vasario 16"x16", VB320-BL1616
APG Series 100, T320-BL1616
Heckler Design Windfall Box Set, H223-BG (cash drawer & iPad enclosure, blk) 
Star Micronics SMD2-1617, Star Micronics SMD2-1317

Square Cash Drawer, USB Interface (Android must support USB OTG or USB Host mode/OTG adaptor required)

APG Vasario 14"x 16", VB554A-BL1416 (not available)
APG Vasario 16"x 16", VB554A-BL1616 (required if not using a receipt printer)

Universal Tablet Stands

Arkon TABSTAND4 (best value!)

Heckler Design @Rest Stand
APG Stratis 6.6 to 8.5 Inches Tablet Stand
MMF 7'-8" & 9"-10" Tablet Stands

Dymo Label Printer* 

Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo, 1752265

Purchase Dymo Compatible Labels Here

*The Dymo label printer is not supported by Square, but it is the only label printer Square recommends to use with its cash register. 

Star Receipt Printer Paper Rolls

Star Micronics SP742 Series Impact Kitchen Printer Only, Plain Paper
All Star Receipt Printers, Thermal Paper