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pcap-touchscreen-monitor.jpgProjected Capacitive touchscreen monitor technology has a protective layer (usually of tempered glass) that’s on top of the touch display apparatus.  This added barrier protects the touchscreen monitor from dings, scratches and is impervious to liquids, caustic materials, moisture and heat, making a capacitive touchscreen monitor an excellent choice for outdoor usage and harsh indoor environments.  Furthermore, this solid-state touchscreen and controller technology increases overall unit reliability and lifespan, resulting in an accurate touch response that requires no recalibration after the initial touchscreen monitor setup process.  

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor Features

  • Touch function still operates when monitor is wet, dusty, has debris, etc 
  • True flat (no bezel) design 
  • Works with or without gloves 
  • Still operates if glass is scratched or cracked.