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Citizen CT-S310II Series Thermal Receipt Printer


The Citizen CT-S310II high speed thermal receipt printer is Energy Star certified and consumes 45% less power and saves up to 20% more receipt paper than most other thermal receipt printers in its class.  The Citizen CT-S310II receipt printer is not only a green printer, but it is also a fast receipt printer at 160mm/sec print speed.  The Citizen CT-S310II receipt printer has many other advanced features such as dual serial and USB interfaces standard, intelligent paper jam recovery system, proactive designed print head and cutter assembly that can be easily removed in the field for servicing, Long Life Print engineering that increases the print head lifespan by 200km, convenient, and an internal power supply (no messy power brick to deal with).  The advanced Citizen CT-S310II thermal receipt printer offers you all of these features and more at a price for far less than what you would expect.