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Datalogic Cobalto CO5330 Presentation Scanner


datalogic cobalto barcode scanner Say ‘hello’ to the future of presentation barcode scanner design today! The ground breaking Datalogic Cobalto CO5300 1D omni-directional laser barcode scanner has futuristic looks and features. The Cobalto CO5300 has a stylish ring of lights that encircle the scan window and turn green as a visual good read indicator of a barcode. The Datalogic Cobalto is also equipped with a high quality speaker that plays ‘jingle’ audio for good read feedback as well.

The Datalogoic Cobalto presentation barcode scanner not only boasts a stylish, modern design, it is also packed with high performance scanning technology. For instance, the Cobalto’s snappy scan engine reads at an impressive 1,500 scans per second for fast scanning and superior motion tolerance when scanning barcodes in rapid motion. The Datalogic Cobalt also has a 20 line omni-directional pattern that is sure to read a barcode at any angle.