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Gryphon GM4100, Datalogic Gryphon Wireless Scanner


datalogic-gryphon-wireless-scanner.jpgThe Datalogic Gryphon GM4100 area imager cordless barcode scanner is a premium product that can read all 1D barcodes and is ideal for retail and light industrial environments.  The Gryphon GM4100 has an aggressive scan engine at 325 reads per second.  The GM4100 cordless barcode scanner also features a unique base that charges while the scanner is still scanning, which lowers downtime and increases productivity.  The GM4100 has a scan range of up to 98.4ft at 433MHz RF, and If the Gryphon should ever be out of range from the host terminal, the GM4100 also has a batch feature so if can store the scanned data in its memory to be uploaded later.