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Honeywell Barcode Scanner Voyager 1400g (1D)

honeywell voyager-1400g barcode scanner

The Honeywell Voyager 1400g 1D imaging barcode scanner is one of the world’s bestselling due to its modern, ergonomic design and ability to read poor quality and damaged barcodes. The Voyager 1400g can read all 1D barcodes, and the Voyager 1400g has the ability to read barcodes on the screen of a mobile phone, which is a feature that instantly makes any business current with the latest barcoding technology.  The Voyager 1400g 1D scanner (when operated in its stand) utilizes object detection technology that wakes the scanner out of sleep mode whenever a barcode is placed in front of it.  Bottom line is…the Voyager 1400g 1D barcode scanner has one of the best, high performance scan engines in its class. 

Please note that the Voyager 1400g 1D scanner cannot read 2D barcodes.