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iPad POS System Buying Guide

ipad pos system

Your Complete iPad POS System Hardware Guide Starts Here:

We supply all of the iPad Point of Sale (POS) hardware equipment you need to turn your iPad into a modern POS system. Below is a listing of the POS hardware categories that will get your iPad up and running and taking sales in no time.

$ave yourself the cost and hassle of a return, please be sure to check with your iPad POS software vendor first before purchasing an iPad system receipt printer and credit card reader (MSR). You want to ensure that the hardware your purchase is compatible with your iPad POS software.  

iPad POS System Stands/Enclosures

An iPad POS stand is at the heart of your iPad POS system.  These modern looking stands complement and protect your iPad, while allowing it to be secured

APG offers a new, low cost alternative tablet stand that accommodates tablets from 6.6” to 8.5” in size. The APG Stratis tablet stand offers clean looks and an optional matching cash drawer for a superior look and finish, all at a bargain price. 

APG Startis Tablet POS System Stand

The new BOSSTAB line of tablet stands will easily convert any tablet into an impressive POS system. 

The new line of Star Micronics "m Series" for mPOS applications are ideal to convert your table into a modern, stylish POS system. 

Star mC-Print3 Printer

Star mC-Print 2 (2 inch) Printer

Star mPOP (cash drawer & printer all-in-one) just add your tablet and go!