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MMF Media Plus Series (Storage) Cash Drawer

The MMF MediaPLUS cash drawer is packed full of high end features and plenty of storage space for all of your checks, credit card receipts and coin rolls.  The MMF MediaPLUS cash drawer boasts 250 cubic inches of space of under tray storage.  If you are looking for a high quality, features rich cash drawer that can give years of reliable service in a high volume POS station, then the MMF MediaPLUS cash drawer is for you.  

The MMF MediaPLUS™ cash drawer series comes in 3 different sizes: 

1. 17"x16"

2. 17"x18"

3. 17"x20" 

All of the above MMF MediaPLUS cash drawers come with 3 media slots. 

The MMF MediaPLUS cash drawer is also available in 3 colors: Black, White & Putty (Off White).