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Tech Support Terms & Conditions

These are the POSCatch Terms & Conditions for providing tech support to our awesome customers: 

  1. Tech support is offered as a no cost courtesy to POSCatch customers ONLY that have purchased product from
  2. Tech support is only available from 8am to 3pm Eastern Monday to Friday. 
  3. We only offer tech support for some hardware products purchased from us. We do not support any software products we sell.
    pos equipment tech support
  4. Any support requests for software products will be referred to the software vendor’s tech support department.
  5. We must receive a valid serial number of the product that matches a corresponding order from our website. If we do not receive a valid serial number, we will not be able to provide any assistance. 
  6. If we cannot find a resolution to the problem, we will instruct the customer to contact the manufacturer’s tech support department.
  7. We do not offer tech support for all products sold. For items we do not offer tech support for, we will instruct the customer to contact the manufacturer’s tech support department. 
  8. It is required that any customer requesting tech support must be cooperative and cordial. We reserve the right to deny tech support or assistance of any kind to anyone that is non-cooperative or abusive to POSCatch team members.  
  9. It is the responsibility of the customer to back up all system files before requesting tech support from us. 
  10. We do not provide tech support for Windows, Apple/MAC/iOS, Android and Linux operating systems.

If you have any questions regarding our technical support policies, please email



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