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TM-U220B Ethernet Impact Receipt Printer


kitchen-printer-1.jpgEpson's TM-U220B (with auto cutter) impact receipt printer is one of the bestselling impact receipt printers of all time.  The TM-U220 series of impact receipt printers carries on from its predecessor the TM-U200.  The Epson TM-U220B impact receipt printer is loaded with features such as 2 (two) color printing capable for receipts or tickets that need to highlight a line item, and the TM-U220B prints 30% faster than its predecessor the TM-U200.  The TM-U220B is wall mountable, which makes it an ideal choice for a kitchen printer.  Hands down the Epson TM-U220B impact receipt printers are some of the most widely used and most reliable printers today.  The Epson TM-U200 series of printers have decades of proven quality, so if you are looking for an impact receipt printer that will give year after year of reliable service in the harshest of environments, the Epson TM-U220B receipt printer with auto cutter is the one for you. 

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